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Scientists renew calls to fast track carbon capture and storage

Scientists from ELEGANCY are holding a conference following their first year of working to fast-track carbon capture and storage in Europe by 2020.

Taking place on 8 November in Brussels, the ELEGANCY conference will host speakers from the project who will present initial findings from their first year of operation and announce plans for the second year, in addition to a selection of invited speakers from external stakeholders. The conference is an opportunity to understand the mission of the project and the types of challenges its modelling tools can provide solutions to.

With partners from five countries, including Imperial College London, SINTEF, Total, the European Gas Research Group and Equinor, ELEGANCY is developing innovative, cutting edge solutions on both a systems and component level to address challenges in carbon dioxide (CO2) transport, injection and storage. The countries represented in the project are the UK, Norway, the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland.

By linking carbon capture and storage (CCS) with the production of hydrogen for energy, ELEGANCY’s goal is to make it more economical, overcoming one of the main obstacles to major investment by industry and government whilst supporting the rapid introduction of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

Professor Martin Trusler of Imperial College London and ELEGANCY Project Director for the UK said: “CCS is recognised as an essential component in reducing global emissions, yet immediate up-front costs