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Small Scottish carbon capture company’s work in focus amid climate emergency

AMID growing concern about the prospect of catastrophic climate change a lot of hope is being invested in the potential of a technology which may look premature to some.

While the expectation is that carbon emissions associated with energy production will be slashed as result of the renewables revolution it looks likely that the world will rely on oil and gas to meet at least part of its needs for decades.

If emissions are to be reduced to net zero by the UK Government’s target date of 2050 or the 2045 deadline favoured by the Scottish Government huge amounts of carbon associated with the use of hydrocarbons will have to be offset through methods such as tree planting and/or absorbed.

Against that backdrop some energy industry figures reckon that Carbon, Capture, Storage and Usage (CCUS) technology must form part of the mix.

The vision that champions set out appears seductive.

The North Sea features lots of depleted reservoirs that could be employed to store carbon dioxide that is a by-product of industrial processes along with pipeline infrastructure that could be repurposed.

Some reckon carbon capture technology could help underpin the viability of the production of hydrogen on a large scale for use as a low-emission fuel. This would involve separating hydrogen from natural North Sea gas and storing the associated carbon dioxide.