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Pioneers of Carbon Dioxide Removal See Boon for Renewables

Negative’ emissions technology could be future market for wind, solar, geothermal

  • Three companies leading way to removing carbon dioxide directly from air

Three companies—Climeworks AG, Global Thermostat LLC, and Carbon Engineering Ltd.—are betting that a puzzling paradox underlying international climate goals is a business opportunity that can help curb global warming and expand renewable power worldwide.

The paradox of the science underlying the Paris climate agreement is that quitting fossil fuels and slashing climate pollution to zero won’t prevent global warming from exceeding 2 degrees Celsius (3.6 degrees Fahrenheit).

Humanity also will have to invent a way to clean the atmosphere of at least some of the carbon pollution put there since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

That means physically removing carbon dioxide from the air on a global scale later this century and stashing the carbon somewhere sa