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Climate change to affect India’s renewable energy plan: Study

Changes in wind pattern in the Northern Hemisphere and pollution are seen taking a toll of wind power and solar power plants, respectively

New Delhi: Changing weather patterns may negatively impact India’s renewable energy generation capacity, said developers and weather scientists.

A recent research published in Nature Geoscience, which used 10 global climate models to investigate large-scale changes in wind power generation across the globe, indicated that there will be changes in wind power across Northern Hemisphere, with substantial regional variations.

Dr. K.J. Ramesh, director general of meteorology, India Meteorological Department, agrees: “The weather is bound to change due to climate change. When rainfall patterns are changing, the intensity and frequency of heavy rainfall is changing, warming is changing, there will be appropriate changes in the wind regime as well.”

The findings could throw a spanner in the works of the world’s largest renewable energy programme launched by India, whic