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Inside London’s very own carbon capture (test) plant

Filling four stories of Imperial College London, UK, is a one-of-a-kind carbon capture plant. Built for students in partnership with ABB, the facility is currently being used to test the firm’s new software solution that will allow pupils to understand how different plant devices work. Heidi Vella caught up with ABB digital lead David Lincoln to find out more.

Inside the sprawling central London Imperial College campus is the last place any one would expect to find a fully functioning industrial facility.

Yet neatly hidden in the modern interior of the university’s South Kensington campus is a four-story state-of-the-art carbon capture plant that processes roughly the same amount of carbon produced by 50 people over one year.

Built in 2012, the plant is run by Dr Colin Hale and is equipped with an ABB control room that students can use to gain hands-on experience of controlling a pilot-scale industrial process facility.

As well as providing a vital learning experience, ABB, which invested close to £1m and signed a te