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A Happy New Year for CCUS?

With the turn of the year comes a time for reflection. For CCUS, 2018 might well be remembered as a real pivot point in the journey towards creating a truly commercial industry in the UK. Many of those who have been involved in this journey over the last decade (like some of us at Pale Blue Dot Energy) are growing cautiously optimistic that after several false starts, CCUS might be getting back on track in the UK, with the political support required to help CCUS meet the country’s legally binding climate change targets.

Throughout this past year and following on from the launch of the Clean Growth Strategy in 2017, the UK Government has put CCUS back on the energy and environment agenda, taking a new and quite different approach from what has been tried in the past.

This time around, Government and Industry are working much more closely together to move CCUS forward. This is something that has been reiterated by UK Energy and Clean Growth Minister Claire Perry throughout the year